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The Persian Kittens® believes that as pet owners we are pet parents. As such we have to make thoughtful nutritional decisions for our pet children, they depend completely on us for their well-being. That's a great reason to be as informed on pet nutrition as possible. The recent pet food recalls has forced many to rethink how we feed our pets, and to actually start looking at what is put into our pet's food. I highly recommend taking the time to watch this video entitled "Do you really know what's in your pet's food?" (10 minutes) which gives a brief history of the pet food industry, and what is used by most pet food manufacturers.

Optimal nutrition helps to promote a strong immune system, and supports your pet's natural defenses against the effect of aging, illness, physical and environmental stress.

Most people feed their pets the same diet everyday. If by chance there is something wrong with your pet's food source, then this will surely mean your pet will get sick. For that reason The Persian Kittens® practices a rotation diet, and recommends you do the same. A rotation regimen can play a role in building a healthier immune system, promoting dental health and can avoid if not correct health concerns such as food intolerance, obesity, allergies, digestive problems and diabetes. Whether you follow The Persian Kittens® Diet, or incorporate a portion of our recommendations, we strongly urge you to rotate the food you feed you pet.

We hope The Persian Kittens® Diet will give guidance that will help keep your pet in optimum health. This is what has worked for us and we are sharing The Persian Kittens® Diet as an aid for all pet owner's. This site is dedicated to the health and well-being of all pets!!!

Our statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or the AAFCO. The Persian Kittens® Diet© is not intended to diagnose or prevent diseases.

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